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Pioneer VSX-D503S repaired

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Kevin, Jul 15, 2004.

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  1. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    This is for Archive purposes. Neighbor gave me this AV Receiver with no
    output. I had repaired a VSX-453 for my son 3 years ago and had purchased
    the manual. The manual covers VSX-403, VSX-453 & VSX-463S. The unit given
    to me used the same 5 channel output amplifier as my sons so the repair was
    easier with a good manual. The receiver would power on but no audio, the
    relay wouldn't click coming out of Standby. I found the right front channel
    had bad (shorted output transistors and many other parts. This repair took
    me about 6 hours.

    These are the bad parts:

    Q4 = 2SA1302
    Q3 = 2SC3281
    Q512 = 2SC4793
    Q514 = 2SA1837
    Q508 = 2SC2705
    Q506 = 2SA1145
    R534 = .33 Ohm 5 Watt Dual Resistor
    R575 & R576 = 2.2K 1/8 Watt
    R612, R614, R616 & R618 = 4.7 Ohm 1/4 Watt Fusible
    R526, R528, R530 & R532 = 100 Ohm 1/4 Watt Fusible
    D522, D524 = 1N4752A 33 Volt Zener 1 Watt
    D526 = 1SS252 Used a 1N4148
    D548 = MTZJ20 Used a 20 Volt Zener
  2. No way it should have had all those parts bad. Somebody must have tin-foiled
    the fuse, or used a 30 amp car fuse or the like.
    Good job fixing it, though I have to question if it was worth the effort.

    Mark Z.
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Guest

    A couple of the transistors were questionable and cheap, so it was worth the
    few extra dollars to change them. The resistors were all open, some burnt.
    The guy that owned it was a "hacker". I thought he outgrown it (he is in his
    20's), but he probably "opened" it and because of his interest in
    electronics, dropped something inside accidently !!. It's just another
    "goodie" for one of my family members. Funny how i'll put in the time
    fixing an audio / video piece but won't touch a computer.
  4. i have my front right channel going distorts and barely gets any
    signal.....but then last night it worked today it won't
    work......i know it is the front right because i hooked my left speaker to
    it and it isn't the speaker it is the there anyway you
    could take a picture or something to show me some of the things to look
    out....i have it here sitting open so knowing the more important things to
    look at and kind of where they are would help greatly. thanks
  5. The first thing I would look for in this situation is bad solder
    connections, at the speaker terminals, and maybe at the output IC and
    protection relay. Also the relay could be cutting out, though this is less
    common on receivers of this type.
    Most Pioneer models of recent (the last 15 years or so) have little to no
    direct access to the main board - even just to look at it will require a
    major disassembly.

    Mark Z.
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