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Pioneer VSX-401 receiver speaker terminals

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 15, 2013.

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  1. Guest

    Hello all!

    I have a Pioneer VSX-401 home stereo receiver from about 1991. It
    works, but the main speaker terminals are sort of beat up... you can
    put the wire in and flip the tab down, but they don't really grip the
    wire well. A couple of the plastic tabs are missing as well.

    For reference, a pic of the back of a similar receiver on Ebay: Template/images/EJ-0006-0006.JPG
    (this reciever is broken, but the speaker terminals are in better
    shape than mine)

    I looked inside the receiver and the terminal block has legs that go
    into the PC board. If I can't get the original part, there is probably
    enough room to put in a "generic" terminal block and just solder short
    wires from it to the PC board. It would be kind of nice to have the
    original part, though, if it's not insanely expensive.

    Pioneer's site says the part number is AKE-111, which substitutes to
    AKE1008, but both of those part numbers seem to be no longer available.
    They were apparently used on a lot of M, RX, SA, SX, and VSX series
    receivers from that time frame.

    Does anyone know of a source that might still have some old Pioneer
    parts like this on the shelf?


    Matt Roberds
  2. Guest

    That is a little bit too hillbilly for me.
  3. Guest

    I ordered an SLT-8 terminal block from All Electronics,
    , but it was a little bit too big to fit the hole horizontally. It was
    fine vertically, and the mounting holes matched up - somebody better at
    sheet metal than I am could probably nibble out a couple of mm on each
    side of the back panel opening and make this work.

    My second idea, which worked, was to use a piece of circuit board
    material and solder a couple of 4-circuit terminal blocks to it (these: ), and
    then solder short jumper wires from my circuit board to the Pioneer
    circuit board. I drilled mounting holes in my board and used a couple
    of 4-40 screws and nuts to mount it to the original holes in the back
    panel of the receiver.

    It's a little less convenient now - you need a small screwdriver to hook
    up the speakers - but it works and I feel it provides a more solid

    I just spent the last hour listening to it. In the morning, when the
    neighbors are awake, I'll see how it does when I really crank up the
    volume. :)

    Matt Roberds
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