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Pioneer SX 1980

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by BOB URZ, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. BOB URZ

    BOB URZ Guest

    Does anyone still have the schematic for this old beast laying around?
    What i am looking for is a resistor value. There is a 25 watt resistor
    just after the power switch on the power supply board. It has a thermal
    fuse under it. What i need is the value of the 25 watt resistor.
    The one that was in there (and open) was 5 ohms) . It looks like
    it was not original and i am suspicious that the value is too high.
    Can anyone confirm this resistor value?

  2. BOB URZ

    BOB URZ Guest

    No, i am not currently bidding on it. The 1980 is one of those HUGE
    beasts that weight a ton and were too big to fit in a standard stereo
    cabinet. I think it was 120-160w/ch or so as i recall. Its all working
    fine now. But i would like to verify the value of the resistor if i could.
    I doubt your unit has the same set up. I think this resistor was put in
    line to prevent massive current surge during start up. The unit is so
    heavy one guy can barely pick it up.

  3. That was 3.3 ohms, 20 watts for the US market, 6.2 ohms, 20 watts for 220
    volt markets.

    Mark Z.
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