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Pioneer LD-S2 LaserDisk drawer problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by William Sommerwerck, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. I had to pull out my LV player to compare the LV of "Roger Rabbit" with the
    BD. This player is almost 25 years old, and is getting mechanically cranky. To

    The motor-driven drawer closes, but won't open unless I tip the player
    forward. * Moving the drawer manually reveals substantial friction, possibly
    due to deteriorated lubricant.

    I downloaded the service manual from "manual buddy". (Yes, the name is
    suspicious-sounding, but it was only $5, and the scan was excellent.)
    Unfortunately, the manual doesn't discuss mechanical servicing (other than

    Before tearing into the unit... Two questions...

    Thanks in advance.

    * It weighs over 30 pounds and is built like a tank.

    "'We already know the answers -- we just haven't asked the right questions."
    -- Edwin Land
  2. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    Is the friction just trying to turn a gear-train , the wrong way. Do you
    hear the drawer motor spinning? Most likely perished drive band between
    first and second pinion, next likely cracked first pinion if plastic
  3. Is the friction just trying to turn a gear-train, the wrong way. Do you
    The motor is audible, both when loading and (trying to) unload. There is no
    obvious indication that anything is broken. If the drawer is blocked when
    unloading, it automatically retracts, as it's supposed to.

    It is probably a lubrication problem. I need to know what lubricant to use.

    If worse comes to worst, I can call Pioneer and ask for advice.
  4. Guest

    You're a great help<g>.
  5. Guest

    Clean all the rails and use Lubriplate on them. Also, I think this one used a drive belt. The belt may be slipping as it takes a bit to get hte drawer started. Check these first and update this thread. In the meantime, I'llook up my old records. I haven't seen one of these in a long time.

  6. Clean all the rails and use Lubriplate on them. Also, I think this one used
    I saw a reference to drive belts.
    Thanks. I'll get to it later today.
  7. Check these first and update this thread.

    Getting to the loading mechanism requires removing at least two large circuit
    boards. On the chance I might damage them (physically or electrically), I'm
    not going to remove them -- especially as I don't have a proper work area.

    The service manual shows that the tray can be lubricated along its tracks,
    which are easily accessed when the tray is "out". The lubricants used are
    described as

    Floil GB-TS-1
    Jig No. GYA-008

    Grease G-397
    Jig No. GYA1001

    I was able to find both at Encompass Parts Distribution and PacParts:

    They're not cheap. Anyone know any substitutions?

    There is a loading belt and a synchro belt. Both appear to require major
    disassembly to access.

  8. Dave Garrett

    Dave Garrett Guest

    30 pounds? Closer to 75. I used to think my CLD-97 was heavy, until I
    got a recently-serviced LD-S2 last year. Built like a tank is an
    understatement. is pretty dead these days, but you may want to post
    this question in the LaserDisc Database forums: (you have to register to gain access to the
    forums) (main site)
  9. is pretty dead these days, but you may want

    Since my previous post, I checked the gearing on the disk tray. It was
    COMPLETELY DRY. There's no sign there had EVER been ANY lubrication at all.

    Perhaps the right lube will fix it. If anyone has suggestions for
    less-expensive versions of the "official" Pioneer lubricants (at least one of
    which is still used, in BD players), please let me know. Thanks.

  10. Belts have been mentioned but I would like to add my vote. It's the tray
    loading belt. 20 years old and a big heavy tray? You're lucky it still works
    at all!

    Mark Z.
  11. GC Electronics products includes several lubricants, and I found
    Much gracias for the suggestion. I don't need to fix the unit "immediately". I
    can visit the GC site, poke around, and ask a few questions. Thanks.
  12. Belts have been mentioned but I would like to add my vote. It's the tray
    Closer to 25 years. Perhaps the moderate PNW climate helped preserve it.

    The service manual shows that there are at least two belts, one of which
    drives the loading tray, the other the tray door. Both are buried deep within
    the machine. I don't wish to open it if I don't have to.
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