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pioneer laser disc player inoperative

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by 71chevyvan, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. 71chevyvan

    71chevyvan Guest

    pioneer CLD-D702
    the front panel display works.the tray drawer opens and closes,loads a
    cd/laserdisc but the disc never spins.
    w/o any disc i can clearly see the laser assy hunting,trying to focus
    and a dim
    laser light.
    acccess to the power supply and boards are difficult so my question
    is where can i get advice/tute needed to narrow down the steps needed
    to locate the source of my problem.
    even test points to check the power supply board would be helpfull
    barry a retired tech.
  2. David

    David Guest

    I would first check the spindle motor. Try giving the disk a
    spin manually and see if it runs.

  3. I don't remember if this is the same model, but one of the early players
    with a laser diode had a problem with the switch that determined whether an
    LV or CD was inserted. If you played a CD, the unit would then refuse to
    play an LV, until you took off the cover and manually reset the mechanism
    (flipped the tray).
  4. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    Try cleaning the laser lens. Many (most?) CD/DVD players won't spin up
    unless they get an initial reflection from the disk.

  5. 71chevyvan

    71chevyvan Guest

    tried cleaning with no results. however the laser does glow
    while searching for focus etc.
  6. 71chevyvan

    71chevyvan Guest

    nope.tried that when i tested to see if motor froze up.
  7. 71chevyvan

    71chevyvan Guest

    good thought.
    i believe i am on side #1. w/a laser disc installed pressing button
    for side#2 lights the indicator but nothing happens mechanically. both
    lights remain lit.
    i wonder which screws i need to remove to seperate the mechanical
    assembly from the top of the boards.
    thats because there's no removeable bottom plate under the boards for
    me to take voltage readings.
  8. I don't remember if this is the same model, but one of the early players
    For what I suggest, you need only remove the top cover.
  9. Does it actually achieve focus lock? I.e., the lens should pop up once
    and stay fixed, not repeatedly move up and down trying to find focus.

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