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Pioneer DVL -909 skipping back problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by bob, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. bob

    bob Guest

    I have a DVL -909 Laser disc player that has started skipping . It will play
    for a while and then skip back to a few seconds before and replay over and
    over again Once I forward past that area it may play for minutes until this
    begins again.On a disc I tried yesterday it did this about 10 times on the
    disc mostly near the start of play
    I've tried several disc and cleaning the lens and its definitely the player
    affects both sides of disc of Laser disc
    I have the service manual but adjustments require special disc and remote
    which I do not have
    Would appreciate any thoughts
    Thanks in Advance
  2. Before you dig into the adjustments, make sure the sled moves easily
    on its tracks - the grease isn't gummed up, etc.

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  3. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Agree with Sam. Sounds like a problem of mechanical sticking to me. What
    happens is that the optical block doesn't move on every few seconds as it
    should, so the lens continues to bend to follow the track, until it reaches
    the limit of its movement, whereupon the tracking servo loses lock, and the
    lens flies back to its 'neutral' position. Servo lock is re-established, and
    play starts again from this position. The extra 'grunt' that's applied to
    the motor when in search mode, easily overcomes the stickiness. Try cleaning
    off the slides and relubing them with floil if available, or a light
    synthetic machine oil if not. Also, rotate the drive gears manually, and
    feel for any 'bumps', to check that there is not any foreign particle lodged
    in any gear teeth, or that the pinion gear on the motor shaft, has not split
    betwen two teeth. Electronically and adjustment-wise, these Pioneer laser
    disc players have been pretty reliable.

  4. bob

    bob Guest

    Thanks I cleaned all the grease off with alcohol then applied lubriplate and
    the symptoms changed in that it does not stop all the time but its still not
    what would be the best lube for this are which is metal and nylon parts
  5. I've seen a broken grey plastic bracket which holds the gears in place which
    moves the pickup. The bracket attaches to the pickup itself, and the posts
    inside which hold the gears in proper position fail. Can't be seen til the
    bracket is removed. Seen it enough times I keep the part in stock. Don't
    remember the part number though, and I'm not positive this pertains to your

    Mark Z.
  6. bob

    bob Guest

    Thanks to all the replies I got it fixed
    I played through a LD and it skipped every 4 minutes on either side of any
    disk so it had to be the gears off the motor
    Upon disassembly I found the first gear off the motor had a burr on it about
    the size of a grain of sand where it connected to the second gear . Appeared
    to be a manufacturing issue
    I cleaned it up with an X-acto knife and all is good
    For a machine that cost well over $1000 new I'm glad I bought mine used as
    this is the second problem I've run into
    thanks again
  7. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Glad you got it sorted. The 'grain of sand' in the gears is not at all
    uncommon with players from any manufacturer, which is why I mentioned it in
    my first reply. I don't know whether it is maybe a plastic grain from the
    original moulding process, that sticks to the gear, and eventually 'breaks
    free' and finds its way into the gear teeth. Obviously, it can't have been
    there in the teeth from new, otherwise the player would have had a problem
    from new, but sometimes, these little grains can be so hard to get out from
    between the teeth, that you would swear that they must have been moulded in.

    I guess that you have probably lubed it all up now, but in answer to your
    earlier question, the original lubricant used in most players is floil. this
    is a sort of synthetic oily grease. It's usually white, thicker than oil,
    but lighter than grease. A very acceptable alternative, that I have used for
    years, is an aerosol product from Electrolube called "CMO" (clear mechanical
    oil). It is a light synthetic machine oil, which is completely non reactive
    with plastic and has a really good 'cling factor' when applied to shiny
    plastic and chrome plated parts, which is of course important for lubing
    precision components like the slides of a CD/DVD pickup.

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