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Pioneer DV525 spindle motor squeal

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Colin McCormick, Apr 23, 2004.

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    I'm looking for some help with a Pioneer DV525 DVD
    player (UK model), around 4 years old. It plays
    DVDs fine but when playing towards the middle of
    a CD, when the spindle speed is quite low, the
    unit usually makes an awful squealing sound.

    Knowing Pioneer make very poor spindle motors, I'm
    reasonably convinced that is where the fault lies.
    I pulled the mechanism out (quite easy) and squirted
    the back of the spindle motor with Servisol switch
    cleaner, and tried to get a little onto the top
    motor bearing too without pulling everything apart.
    But it is still the same.

    I've not replaced a spindle motor before. Is there
    any help anyone can give me on this? Particularly
    how to release the disk clamp from the spindle. Also,
    where in the UK would be a sensibly priced source
    for this part? Anyone have a part number? I'm hoping
    that no alignment is necessary afterwards.

    Thanks for any help, please copy reply to me on
    (spam filters apply).


    Colin McCormick

    Reply: Web:(Hillman Avengers, Hifi,
    BSB/Squarials, Betamax, Plymouth pictures)
  2. arcade sound

    arcade sound Guest

    Part # vxx2604 , in Canada anyway. We have replaced many.

  3. Greg

    Thanks for that. I see from this site:
    that they list it as VXX2649.

    Which makes me wonder if they have different part
    numbers throughout the world. I can't see why it
    should though.

    You say you have replaced many, so hopefully it's a
    straighforward job, with no re-alignment? Have you
    had the same fault symptom, squealing on CD playback?

    Thanks for your help,

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