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Pioneer DV-535 said no disc: "repaired"

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    This just as a note, if someone's interested...

    My DVD player, a Pioneer DV-535, had problems recognizing DVDs. Some
    would work, some would not. Sometimes a little open-close-open-close
    workout would be necessary with the tray to get a disc working.

    So I took it apart. Observing the lens while loading a disc, it was
    obvious that focus was not being obtained. The lens made two passes
    with the red laser and then two passes with the IR one, then gave up.
    There were not many adjustments, the only ones being for the laser
    powers (there are two). They didn't help anyway.

    Fumbling around in there, I noticed that lifting the disc edge with my
    finger allowed the pickup to focus every time. I guess the suspension
    (or something) is beginning to sag and is causing this problem. I fixed
    it by removing the spindle motor assy (three screws) and installing it
    with cardboard washers, cut out of a business card. This raised the
    disc just enough (less than 1 mm) to allow focus to be obtained. I did
    this about six months ago and the player hasn't failed me since.

    The player still makes the noise that other users have also been
    complaining about. It appears that the disc clamp doesn't quite center
    on the spindle and this causes the whole thing to wobble a bit. Any
    easy fix for this?

    BR, Ilkka
  2. Guest

    FYI, I have a panasonic giving me the same "No Disk" error message.
    Replaced a bad spindle motor only to have the thing giving me the exact
    same message. I was afraid to touch any of the adjustment screws, since
    this is probably a point of no return, but since the laser is
    emmitting, and won't lock in focus, I suspect something needs
    adjusting, or I accidently damaged the laser lens. Still working on it
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