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Pinch roller fell out of Sony DCR-PC101 camcorder.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by David Farber, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. David Farber

    David Farber Guest

    This Sony DCR-PC101 camcorder had a jammed front loading mechanism. In the
    eject mode I was able to look inside and see the pinch roller stuck in the
    path of the loading arms. I removed the roller but now I'm wondering what
    fastens the roller to the shaft that supports it? There is no notch for a
    clip to attach. Is there just a push on sleeve that holds the pinch roller
    in place?

    Thanks for your reply.
  2. Hey, Dave.

    Rollers like this attach using a small white nylon "sleeve" that fits down
    over the mounting post after the roller goes on. Just like many vcr's but
    smaller of course.
    You may be able to rob the part off another unit. It could be loose inside
    the unit somewhere, or you might have to order a new pinch roller ass'y and
    use the retainer off that. Much easier than replacing the whole arm.

    Mark Z.
  3. HapticZ

    HapticZ Guest

    if the part is hard to come by, use superglue on a toothpick to bond the
    bearing center sleev onto the pin. delicate work but usually effective.

    i have done that on computer DDS tape drives successfully

    and, the lost/missing small plastic thing may also be wandering around
    inside the mechanism, and that IS a serious problem.

    spend some time with a good bright light to determine if it is there, you
    may not need to do parts buys if you find it.

    heat and time usually cause pastic parts to either harden/crack or work
    their way loose, the camcorder may have been exposed to both.
  4. David Farber

    David Farber Guest

    Hi Mark,

    I'll just order a new pinch roller assembly and transfer the roller and
    sleeve to the existing arm in the camcorder.

    Thanks for your reply.
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