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Pin-out for MHW707 ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by J M Noeding, Mar 13, 2005.

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  1. J M Noeding

    J M Noeding Guest


    I have got a handful of MHW707-2 and need one to amplify the output
    from a signal generator, to use for test purposes, but it seems
    impossible to find the drawing for it. It looks like the opposite of
    MHW709. Opened one, but can't get the measurements to make sense, so I
    would be pleased if someone could tell me how the connections are

  2. J M Noeding wrote...
    Jan, I have posted Motorola MHW707 and MHW709 datasheets to abse.
  3. J M Noeding

    J M Noeding Guest

    thank you, but so far I haven't seen any files. I only need MHW707.

  4. J M Noeding

    J M Noeding Guest

    you seem to forgot to send the MHW706 to ABSE, so I got the wrong one
  5. J M Noeding wrote...
    Didn't you say you had MHW707 parts? I had placed MHW707 and MHW709
    on abse; I don't know if MHW706 even exists.
  6. J M Noeding

    J M Noeding Guest

    706 is the VHF version of 707; but 706 and 707 have pins counted the
    opposite way around compared to 709 ..... any more connections (4
    connections to +Vcc for the UHF version), this is the reason I was
    interested to see documentation for the 707, but it is difficult,
    apart from looking at Motorola GP300 schematics
  7. J M Noeding wrote...
    Well, I did post the '707 datasheet for you, didn't you get it?
    I'm sorry, but I don't have the '706 to give you.
  8. J M Noeding

    J M Noeding Guest

    sorry, but would you please post the 707 to my email address so I can
    see it ?
  9. J M Noeding wrote...
    Sure, but can you send this request to my work email address
    (see From: line, and edit), I can't email anything from here.
  10. J M Noeding

    J M Noeding Guest

    what I usually to to remind myself is to post an email from home to my
    work,and often the opposite, then it is no sort of decoding problems

  11. J M Noeding wrote...
    I no longer have email at home.
  12. J M Noeding

    J M Noeding Guest

    tnx fer all, the module works relatively satisfactorily, although the
    RF seem to vary with the temperature, and the power gain control must
    be adjusted over the time, see
    It was a difficult problem to solder the flange to the plate under,
    seems to be some sort of tinned iron, but since I used 0805 decoupling
    capacitor chips it must not move when installed. Power output max is
    5W, while 9W was mentioned, but I need only 2W, and drive range was
    4-12dBm, while it was said to work with 1mW, in this case it didn't,
    it was sensible to the power control setting and also didn't like too
    high drive. Somewhat instable before I soldered it to the mounting
    Never mind, no real problem, Wavetek model 3001 has variable pwr up to

    LA8AK, Norway/Europe
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