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PICs and Weak pull-ups

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Danny T, Jan 9, 2005.

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  1. Danny T

    Danny T Guest

    As I understood, weak pull-ups meant unconnected input pins would read
    as 1... It's taken me nearly 8 hours to figure out what's wrong, but now
    I've sussed it..

    I've got three inputs. They're all connected via a "push to make" switch
    to ground. When the switch isn't pressed, they're not connected to
    anything, which I understand would pull them high.

    This seems to be the case, until *any one* of the 3 inputs goes low
    (connected to ground via my switch), which pulls *all three* inputs low.

    By connecting the inputs to +4.5V when they're not connected to ground,
    all works fine. Connecting them with 10K resistors doesn't work, and the
    original (unconnected) behaviour returns.

    Is this correct, have I done something or is my chip a bit screwed?
  2. Danny T

    Danny T Guest

    That's wrong, I must've connected wrong, since it works fine with 10K
    resistors. It's just without - it's as if the weak pull-ups don't work
    (the global setting is 0, but all pull-ups 1 on power. I set the global
    setting to 1).

    Ah well, I'll just leave them off and do it myself!
  3. Danny T

    Danny T Guest

    The plot thickens... I just made a change to my code (unrelated) and
    re-programmed it. Now, with 10K resistors, it doesn't seem to work with
    pull-ups turn on or off!

    I'll do some further digging after breakfast - it's probably user error!!
  4. Rubicon

    Rubicon Guest

    Danny T

    I only recently started learning to program PICs myself and haven't
    yet used the pull-ups but I read something today which explains why I
    thought I'd zapped RA4 on a 16F84A - LED wouldn't light. It may be of
    help in the future if you don't already know. I'm not sure if it
    applies to other PIC though.

    Nigel's PIC Tutorial Page.

    The 16F628 has it's I/O pins split across two ports, PortA and PortB,
    these have quite different properties, and it's important to
    understand these differences or things don't always work as you
    expect!. Firstly PortB, this is pretty straightforward, although some
    of the pins can be used by various of the built-in hardware, as a
    normal port all pins can be inputs or outputs. PortA is a little less
    straightforward, all pins can be used as inputs, but RA5 can only be
    used as an input, and RA4 has an 'open-collector' output stage, this
    means it requires a 'pull up' resistor to function as a 'normal'
    output - it can 'sink' current, but can't 'source' it. RA4 in the
    16F84 has the same properties - this is often a cause of problems.


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