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PICKIT2 on MPLAB IDE or Piklab or any other IDE for development on a PIC18F2620

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by ssylee, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. ssylee

    ssylee Guest

    I have been trying to use the PICKIT 2 programmer option within MPLAB
    IDE, but it seems like the option to do so is disable as shown in I have also tried to update the
    firmware of my PICKIT 2 separately on the software provided on the
    Microchip website, but it keeps on freezing regularly every time I
    have attempted to check my PIC18F2620 to see if it is empty (it's
    brand new). The PICKIT 2 software is able to detect my programmer, but
    that's about it. Does anyone know what I need to do to activate the
    option to use my programmer straight in MPLAB?

    I have also looking at open source options, i.e. using Piklab in
    Ubuntu Linux for the development. I have looked at
    but haven't tried it yet. Does anyone else have any ideas before
    resorting to the hard way?

  2. Tom2000

    Tom2000 Guest

    Welcome to Microchip marketing. I bought a Pickit2, a while ago, to
    perhaps replace my clunky old serial EasyICD2 programmer. They
    advertised it as being able to program and debug "a selection" of
    their chips.

    It turns out that their idea of "a selection" was exactly two
    processors. (It programs a few more than the two it can debug, but
    the selection is very limited.)

    After selecting Pickit2 as your programmer in MPLAB, go to the
    Configure > Select Device menu. If the Pickit2 button is red, you're
    out of luck for your particular processor.

    These days, I only use the Pickit2 for 12F683 projects. It seems to
    work OK for those. For anything else, I set up my EasyICD2.

  3. ssylee

    ssylee Guest

    Thanks Tom. I found that it's quite tricky to know that I have to
    configure the microcontroller in the devices configuration before I
    realized that the only microcontroller it supports is my PIC16F690. I
    have already contacted Microchip about it. Looks like I would have to
    try the open source way or try to complete my SD card data logging
    project on PIC16F690.

  4. Tom2000

    Tom2000 Guest

    Stanley, it looks like I spoke too soon. I just checked the most
    recect device list for the Pickit2:

    In the 7.62 MPLAB release, they've added both programming and
    debugging support for a whole lot of new devices, including your 2620
    and the two 18F chips I use most: 1320 and 2431.

    I just downloaded and installed 7.62. When I get a moment, I'll see
    if they speak the truth.

    I recommend that you upgrade your MPLAB installation. You might be in

    Thanks for the inspiration to check it out. It's been on my to do list
    for a while now, but I've kept forgetting about it.

    Good luck!

  5. Tom2000

    Tom2000 Guest

    BTW, Stanley, a number of folks on the RevEd Picaxe forum have been
    talking about SD card interfacing lately. When you get your app
    running, I'm sure lots of people over there would be most interested
    in your method.

    Although it's not on my to do list, I'd like to learn how to handle
    these things, too.


  6. Neil

    Neil Guest

    I had a similar experience, worked fine with the demo board but wouldn't
    recognise a 16F877A,
    but found a way to get it working.
    Can't remember exactly how (sorry to be so useful)
    I think it was reloading the PIKIT2 Operating System or something like that.
    Definitely had to re-install something, but only had to use the menu
    so it wasn't anything too complex (can't have been for me to manage it!)
    All worked OK with not-latest-MPLAB as well.
  7. Tom2000

    Tom2000 Guest

    OK, Stanley, some good news and some bad news.

    I was able to program an 18F1320 OK. However, I was unable to debug
    it, even using the pulldown resistors mentioned in the Pickit2 Readme
    file. I tried powering the chip from the Pickit2 or on external
    power. No joy.

    I'm out of time at the moment, but I'll try again later.

    In any case, it looks like you'll be able to use your Pickit2 to
    program your chip, at least, if you download and install MPLAB 7.62.


  8. ssylee

    ssylee Guest

    Hi Tom,

    I've been able to erase and program my chip at least, although I
    haven't tried it with an actual sample code/project.


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