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"PICAXE Junior"!

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Apr 23, 2007.

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    Ron Hackett's recent "Nuts & Volts" Picaxe micro. articles have
    certainly raised the profile of the UK sourced Picaxe microcontroller
    family !

    Local 12yo. kids on a "boring/nothing to do" Easter holiday
    stimulated me to modify a dirt cheap "Electronic Brain Box" kitset I'd
    pointed them to at Dick Smith Electronics ( =>
    ) so it'd instead suit initial Picaxe work. It's been highly
    successful ( & cheap)- see pix & comments => &
    => My initial "hack" was by
    hand ,
    but streamlining onto a small PCB would be preferred.

    The idea is to build initial confidence with a LEGO style technique
    that they'll already be pretty familiar with, so they can then move on
    to the more professional ( & full featured ) Rev. Ed soldered kits
    etc. Learn to walk before you climb stuff.

    This so called "Picaxe Junior" approach only offers 3 I/Os ( 1,2,4 ),
    which will be plenty for initial teaser work I'd say. Of course even
    the basic 08 could be used too- a great way to clean them out?
    Feedback appreciated, especially regarding the likely
    suitability for pre & early teens in schools with zilch budgets &
    weak electronics teaching skills. Yes- handy for weary eyed seniors

    More details =>
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