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PIC16x84 DIP18- Anyone know of a UK source?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Palindrome, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. Palindrome

    Palindrome Guest


    As per the subject line, I'm having difficulties in finding a (not too
    expensive) source for about a dozen of these. Can anyone suggest
    somewhere to get them?
  2. nospam

    nospam Guest

    PIC16F84A-04/P £2.30 each 10+

    A bit expensive because they are getting to be obsolete.
  3. ian field

    ian field Guest

    IIRC the 'F627/F628 are pin compatible but have more features - some of
    which have to be explicitly de-selected in the initial configuration
    parameters. Its a PITA but the 628 should be able to do anything an 84 can.

    Last time I checked they were not much more than half the price of an 84.
  4. Clint Sharp

    Clint Sharp Guest


    Obviously ring and check stock but 1.45 +VAT each.
  5. Palindrome

    Palindrome Guest

    Just a (belated) thank you to "Nospam", Ian and Clint.

    Both rapidonline and crownhill are new to me and will come in very
    useful, I'm sure. I'll have a look at the F627/F628s - they look like
    good news.

    Thanks again for your time and for sharing your expertise,

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