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Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by vneelima, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. vneelima

    vneelima Guest

    Is there anyone who has used PIC16f877 microcontroller for
    transmission and recieving of data. I am working on a small project
    where I need to do wireless tranmission of data using PIC16f877 along
    with TXM-433-RM and RXM-433_RM. I have written a program for data
    encoding and decoding but I am having a lot of trouble trying to get
    the desired output.Can I get some help.
  2. Tom M

    Tom M Guest

    I have done what you are trying to do yourself with a pic16f871 and the
    RXM/TXM-433-LC. To get it to work successfully you need good antenae. I
    used the splatch antenae from Linx with my prototype and i managed to get
    abour a 50' transmission with about a 0.1% error rate at 2400baud. I found
    that the lower the baud rate, the better the error rate. Another issue is
    the antena feed line -- it must be impedance matched to the antena. Better
    yet be sure the TX or RX RF output pin is less then 1/4" from the antena

    Asside from that, be sure to send each data packet thrice and najority check
    them for errors. Kills the data rate but saves you from getting garbage

    Tom M
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