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PIC16F84, programming

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by jodleren, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. jodleren

    jodleren Guest


    I was looking at the homepage, and as usual a big
    site impossible to find anything.

    I have a datasheet of it, but can not programme it.

    Where do I find mpasmwin.exe or similar? I could not find a download
    Also, the picprog2.exe to download the software.

    And a programming manual, which should be on the microchip site.

    I want to use the ICSP (In Circuti programming), anyone have any
    information about this?

  2. GM

    GM Guest

    I do not know anything about PIC microcontrollers so I might be wrong
    with this, but take a look at the link below

    It is MPLAB. It has software download and documentation links at the
    bottom of the page

    Best regards
  3. If you want to do something with PICs, you'd better learn to navigate
    Microchips site.

    Go to the homepage.
    Click on "datasheetfinder" on top of the page.
    Click on "8-bit PIC Microcontrolers"
    Select "PIC16F84" in the list box

    Now you have all links to this PIC type documents in the right colum,
    including datasheet, erata, programming specifications, ICSP and a lot more.

    BTW. The PIC16F84 is obsolete and its successor, the PIC16F84A almost. Most
    of the time the PIC16F628 is considered a good replacement. It's cheaper and
    has some advanced properties. I was told Microchip to have documentation to
    port PIC16F84 code to the PIC16F628. There's a disadvantage too. The
    PIC16F628 and the PIC16F628A are not fully compatible, especially in the
    programming algorithm.

    petrus bitbyter
  4. jodleren

    jodleren Guest

    If you want to do something with PICs, you'd better learn to navigate
    Found it. And I got MPLAB to work from above (thx)
    PS: it does not work on XP, but fine on 98 :)
    As for ICSP: I did not find what I was looking for.
    Basically it goes as this: can MPLAB download software using ICSP and
    what wirering is needed?
    Also, I found the 627 to be a replacement. I have 2 F84 and will use
    them for testing and my first project. As of now, it is not that
    important. Already now it looks like I need more I/O and I might move
    on to something larger when needed. I havent used them for 10 years, I
    need to play a bit before I start bigger projects.
    As of now, PIC16F73 seems like an option.

    BR & thanks
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