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PIC16f84 --> PIC16F628A

Discussion in '8bit Microcontrollers' started by Picman88, Oct 9, 2004.

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  1. Picman88

    Picman88 Guest

    I have a very simple program to flash two leds.
    Dim x as word
    High 0
    Low 1
    For x= 1 to 100000
    Next X
    Low 0
    High 1
    For x= 1 to 10000
    next x
    goto loop

    I am using ICProg105c which ?supposedly? supports F628A chips. Why does the
    program work fine on a 16f84 but not on a 16F628A. RB0 goes high and then
    everything hangs. Any ideas as to what I'm missing would be great thanks.
  2. ego

    ego Guest

    just turn off SPEN bit and 16f628 will
    become an 16f84 with 2K flash.
  3. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    I have IC-Prog 1.05C too, but mine shows support for the non A series
    or PIC16F628. Not the A series. Could be your problem. Try a 16F628.

    Which BASIC compiler are you using? Dim x as word should be creating
    a 16-bit variable, and your For x = 1 to 100000 loop should be returning an
    error or at least a warning when compiled.

    $FFFF or 65535 is going to be the max you can store in a word sized variable
    so 100K is way too large. Could be another problem.
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