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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by fred, Feb 7, 2004.

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  1. fred

    fred Guest

    I need to know how I obtain the windows drivers for
    the pic ? It's one thing to program a pic, it's a
    whole other thing to program the windows driver model?
  2. Tim Dicus

    Tim Dicus Guest

    The "Windows driver model" is confusing. Do you mean the Windows-based assembler/compiler/programmer?

    If so, I use PicStart Plus development system from Microchip. MPLAB is easy to use once you figure out the menus.
    .. Select "development systems", then "programmers".

    There are others available through Digi-Key also.

  3. Byron A Jeff

    Byron A Jeff Guest

    Nope. The PIC16C745 implements a low speed USB interface suitable for HID
    devices such as mice and keyboards.
    Missed point. My understanding is that the standard HID drivers work for the
    PIC when implementing the code in the datasheet. Read it carefully.

  4. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    its my understanding that those drivers are for the programmer hareware
    and not for your use after the fact..
    they have USB programmers.
  5. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

    WHAT ????

    Are you talking about "programming the PIC with a USB" device or
    Are you talking being a Winxx program using USB devices ???

    If the latter, I too would be interested how to use Winxx development
    tools to talk to USB devices.

    Thanks for any links.

  6. fred

    fred Guest

    What I mean is not how do I program the PIC itself, but
    rather where do I get the windows 2000 drivers that will
    recognise my device when I plug it to the usb. Just to
    explain further, I have got pickit1 which interfaces to
    windows 2000 exactly like this, it has a PIC16C745 on it.
    When I installed pickit1 I had a cdrom which installed
    the drivers for the board on windows 2000. These are the
    drivers which are prompted for as one plugs in a usb
    device. I couldn't find any mention of this in the
    documentation of this PIC.
  7. fred

    fred Guest

    WHAT ????
    if this is what you need then you have to get the ddk from
    microsoft, it's about 100 $. You also need a bunch of books,
    and about 2 years of completely free time. Now you see, this
    is what I want to avoid, the drivers must be already there
    for this device otherweise it simply doesn't make sense,
    microchip surely doesn't expect pic programmers to be ddk
  8. FoxyRick

    FoxyRick Guest

    Elektor had a project using this chip a few months ago (November,
    December?) - it may be worth checking out.

    IIRC, depending on how the usb is implemented on the 16c745, windows
    can use it as a standard Human Interface Device with its built-in
    drivers. No custom driver required if you do it like this.

  9. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    you need to get the DDK from MS, you most likely need to
    create a HID driver (human interface Device), the DDK is a
    device driver Kit and you will need VC++ (visual C++) from
    MS also. there are loads of examples on the CD for making
    USB device drivers., the DDK was free the last time i looked
    you will need to pay shipping and handling.
    you Pic will need to responed to an ID request from the OS so that
    windows can locate the driver it needs to use for your device..
    if you go to the Intels Web site you can get the required USB
    signitures that are expected so that this device can work 0n any
    platform as long as the drivers are there.
    the protocol for the coding it not that hard, its alittle different
    than RS-232 but you will do fine.., it uses simpe CRC etc..
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