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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], May 9, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    I've a strange problem writing internal EEPROM of a 16F628.
    The code work fine in MPLAB Simulator but not in my circuit.
    I write data (in EEDATA) from INDF pointed mem locations. The write
    work fine if I load WREG directly with "movlw" i.e movlw H'AA' then
    moving it to EEDATA (read back pic eeprom get 'AA') but if i load the
    EEDATA reg from W after a movf INDF, W then eeprom get all zeroes in
    any location accesed for write. I'm sure that W is loaded correctly
    because the value writed is also displayed on a LCD MODULE.

    I hope someone can show me the eror of my ways.

    Code Chunk:

    movlw ROM_NO
    movwf FSR ; W = address of ROM_NO (first byte)
    movf INDF, W ; Load W with the byte pointed by FSR
    BANK1 ; MACRO to switch in Bank1
    movwf EEDATA
    clrf EEADR ; Write at address 00h
    BSF EECON1, WREN ; Enable write
    MOVLW H'55' ;
    MOVWF EECON2 ; Write 55h
    MOVWF EECON2 ; Write AAh
    BSF EECON1, WR ; Set WR bit

    btfsc EECON1, WR ; Wait for wrinting

  2. I guess that the code piece that is marked as "required sequence" in the PIC
    documentation is - um - required for the PIC to work correctly.

    See datasheet, chapter 13.3 and 13.4.
  3. Guest

    the "required sequnce" is present, as you can see...
  4. The errata for the 628 is extensive. Have you looked at page 16 of

  5. bcf INTCON, GIE is missing. I kow, I know, that's not logical, particularly
    if you don't use interrupts anyways, but I found that not everything about
    PIC's is logical and it is documentd as 'required'. Maybe it needs the extra
    cycle between enabeling the write and actually writing.

    Anyways, looking at the errata seems like a very good idea.

    I can't see anything else wrong with your code, assuming ROM_NO is correct.

    Good luck,

  6. Guest

    Yes Jon I've looked it...

    my problem is that:
    using a "movlw H'BB'" then a movwf to EEDATA the eeprom write take
    using a movf MY_DATA, w then a movwf to EEDATA the eeprom write take
    place but the value stored is always H'00'.

  7. I didn't look at your code and compare it with the errata, only
    noticed the existence of the errata on the subject and figured on
    pointing it out. If I had some 628's handy here, I'd write some code
    and try it out and comment more fully. But I don't. What I've got
    are many other versions of PICs, but not those.

    And yes, I've had problems with EEPROMs on PICs, called Microchip
    about it, got a recognition of the problem and a resolution in a few
    days, along with a new errata in two weeks that documented it. So
    good service, yet real problems with EEPROM, too.

    Have you tried calling them? My past experience has been good on that

  8. Bob Monsen

    Bob Monsen Guest

    Use the exact sequence given by the errata note for reading, writing,
    and verifying. Also, you aren't setting the bank back to 0 at the end of
    the routine.

    Write a program that tests only that routine, with no others assembled
    in, and see what happens. Make sure your input values aren't getting
    clobbered, and the FSR is getting set to the right thing.
  9. Guest

    I've found the problem!!! My program it's ok, since three days (night
    :(( )!
    I was sure that my programmer was able to read correctly PIC eeprom but
    somthing don't work... The locations that the programmer report as
    ZEROES are correctly writed from my write_routine (the read_eeprom
    routine on PIC get correct data). The programmer I use is PIC-PG2 from
    Olimex ( I don't undestand why this error reading
    eeprom locations.... The strange is tha location writed directly with
    the programmer are correctly read back but those write by PIC are not.
    Someone has had the same problem with this programmer?

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