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Pic tutorial?!

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by McM, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. McM

    McM Guest

    There´s a lot of PIC tutorials out there, books, Online Guides etc.

    Do anybody know of the most comprehensive and informative gudie
    to the pic-headrome?!
  2. Guest

    Go to and search for pic, picbasic etc... search for the
    titles of books you know are out there will have reviews of
    these books from many different users.

    My experience with pic that there is no definitive book
    that will get you going...I dont know of any book out there on pics
    that will take a complete novice into programming...they ALL assume you
    know at least a bit of BASIC or some other language. Many of the books
    are poorly written...typos abound, just bad writing skills.

    Use the reviews at amazon, do some reading about BASIC or C or just
    some programming language to see what it is all about....

    take your time...use as many online resources as possible before
    actually buying hardware
    online books

    many manuals online for picbasic online tutorial, picbasic
    manual online....etc....

    read as much as you can for free.

    here are a couple of newsgroups that could also be of some help...


  3. McM

    McM Guest

    Thanks for your answer!

    I have got a few books on PIC and micro-controllers but it would be great
    to find a book in the same class as "Bebop to the Boolean Boogie" which
    I really recommend.

    I´ll surely check up your tips and see if I can find something thats
    not written in the
    same boring manor like an University exam-paper.

    Thanks again!!

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