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PIC to PC via Serial Cable

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Richard, Feb 20, 2004.

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  1. Richard

    Richard Guest

    I have a small project i want to undetake...

    I want to connect an opto switch to an input of a PIC 16F84. The
    outputs will be two LEDS (one is on all the time until the optoswitch
    is triggered and so the first LED will go off and the second will go

    The third ouput will be a serial cable that goes to a PC to register
    the change of state of the optoswitch. This can be picked up be a
    Visual Basic program communicating with the serial COM port.

    Wondering if you can see this being done? I have done some research
    and teh PIC 16F84 can interface with a MAX232 chip to the serial

    Be very grateful for any help given!

    Richard Minnis
  2. ChronoFish

    ChronoFish Guest

    Hi Richard,

    Yes what you want to do is very do-able. I've done it - and I have minimal experience with both the PIC and electronics in general.
    I used the PIC 16C84 which is essentially the same thing as the 16F84. It should be noted that the both chips are obsolete now -
    visit for the current suggested replacement.

    Here are my recommendations.
    1. Get Myke Predko's "Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroller".
    You will find example circuits and code to do exactly what you are asking for.

    2. Query the alt.microcontrollers and alt.microcontrollers.8bit news group. They might as well be called the alt.pic news group as
    most discussion involves the PIC series.

    3. Google is your friend. Use it. Love it. You should be able to find mass quantities of information about this very topic.

    Good Luck

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