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[PIC programming]

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by kinarak, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. kinarak

    kinarak Guest

    hi!! i'm new with PIC programming, i'm sorry if i'm posting at a wron
    forum... i just had a question about what i can do in MPLA

    How do I store data, if I want to store more than one data at a time
    Are there more than one working register

    What if i want to store 4 different inputs, where and how do i stor

    Thank you!
  2. I suggest you go to the source:
    under the column labeled Support, there is a link to Online Discussion
    Groups. You might sign up as a member and ask your PIC questions in
    the appropriate group.

    But to respond to this question: The PIC processors each have only
    one working register (W) that that can take part in most of the
    instructions with an implied address (a bit in the opcode). However,
    each model also has some number of dedicated (they operate the
    hardware features) and general purpose storage registers that can
    provide an input value to an instruction or receive the result of an
    instruction, but these need to be addressed in the instruction. Since
    there are only a few bits available for the address, the actual
    address also includes some bank select bits that have to be set before
    the addressed instruction operates, to select the correct page of
    register memory. Some models also include EEPROM registers that hold
    data even when the processor is powered down, but it takes a small
    program of specific instructions to store data in these locations.
    Fetching data from them is simpler.

    The data sheet for each model goes through all this in considerable
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