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PIC High Voltage

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Byron A Jeff, Jul 27, 2004.

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  1. Byron A Jeff

    Byron A Jeff Guest

    0.8Vdd which is 4 volts if Vcc is te nominal 5V.

    Note this is not TTL compatible.

    For some more info on the subject you can read the release notes section for
    my Trivial PIC programmer:

  2. Guest

    At what voltage is a Pic's input pin considered high or on, i.e.
    do you have to be higher than say 1 volt. I've looked all over and I
    am sure the answers out there but I can't seem to cut through the
    mountains of information.
  3. Gareth

    Gareth Guest

    The answer will be in the datasheet - look for a table called "DC
    Characteristics". I would advise you to check the datasheet of the PIC
    you are using, but as an example for the PIC16F877 the high input
    minimum is:

    for TTL buffers: 0.25*Vdd+0.8V
    for schmitt buffers: 0.8*Vdd

  4. Guest

    Thanks for the replies.
  5. Guest

    Thanks for the info.
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