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Photodiode shunt resistance and Photodiode layout question

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by usefulfacts, May 31, 2007.

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  1. usefulfacts

    usefulfacts Guest

    Hopefully this is the right group for these two questions:

    1) For a photodiode, the series resistance is due to the contact
    resistance (as one factor), but what is the source of a photodiode
    shunt resistance? Is it simply due to the inherent resistence of the
    junction to the current flow due to diffusion in photovoltaic mode and
    drift currents in photoconductive mode?

    2) Also, in regards to a layout of a basic PN junction photodiode, if
    you have an N-Well in a P-epi photodiode, with P+ contacts around the
    N-Well, and N+ contacts in the N-well, the depletion region extends
    mostly into the P-epi (as it is lighter doped). However, does it
    matter whether the N+ contacts cover the entire N-well or are just
    placed at its edges?
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