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Phone Problem caused by alarm???

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Billy, Sep 24, 2003.

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  1. Billy

    Billy Guest

    I have a customer whose phone does a half-ring several times an hour. They
    do not have call waiting. The phone company came out and blamed the problem
    on the alarm system. Any ideas?

  2. Spike

    Spike Guest

    Unplug it for an hour.
  3. thesatguy

    thesatguy Guest

    Have the customer unplug the phone jack every morning after he turns the
    alarm off.
    See if he still gets the rigns with the alarm disconnected from the phone
    Make sure he understands he has to plug the cord back in before he sets the
  4. Bossman

    Bossman Guest

    No offense to anyone, but the phone company will blame it on the
    alarmco every time, without checking. I once had a customer who was
    adament that my system had disrupted her phone service. She was on the
    phone with the phone company for 30 minutes as they ran her through
    the hoops. They told her that, without question, the alarm system was
    causing the problem. When I arrived (Saturday golf game ruined) my
    first observation was that she had four (4) phone lines and they were
    all out. I went straight outside to the d-marc, and what do I see not
    two feet from the d-marc? A freshly dug and re-covered ditch for her
    new sprinkler system. It took no effort to pull the mauled, frayed and
    chopped phone company cable up from the ground. Four lines
    dead...absolutely no service to the house on any line...and it was the
    security system!!! Right. Believe everything they say.

    First order of business, disconnect the system from the RJ-31x for a
    day and see if it continues. If it does, you know its not the alarm

  5. Bossman wrote
    Yes, absolutely. I get sick of customers calling, having been convinced by
    the phone co. that the alarm is always the cause of their phone trouble.
    Why is it that the subs always believe the phone company anyway? I have
    seen first hand several times, phone techs casting automatic blame on the
    alarm without actually checking anything. Some even lie and say they
    checked the wiring at the demarc. (Somehow not tripping the tamper I put

    Now whenever I get one of those calls, I advise my sub that I will come
    and troubleshoot the problem. If it's the alarm, it's no charge. If I find
    the trouble in the phone service or customer wiring, my fee will be $150
    plus $75.00 per hour. So far, this seems to have worked, and the phone
    techs somehow solve the problem.
  6. What is a "REN"?


  7. Guardog

    Guardog Guest

    Just had a the same type of problem, noise on the line, the phone guy cuts my line and the problem goes away. When I get there I
    reconnect to verify it's my problem. Yep the static comes back, so now I pull the RJ31x, but the noise is still there. So now you guys
    would say t's not the alarm. But you did run the line from the RJ31X to the main didn't you? So I trace that line and find nothing. But if I
    cut it anywhere between the RJ31X and the main the static goes away. For my last guess I remove the line right at the RJ321X and bingo
    no static. I replace the RJ31X and all is well.
    Now you all should realize like I did that the RJ31X is really a switch and switches do go bad!!
  8. Spike

    Spike Guest

    This is why Telcoes blame it on the alarm:

    I then unscrewed the carbons, removed them and cleaned off an
  9. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    I've seen a few problems with low voltage on the phone line that can cause
    panels to pick up thinking they are being downloaded
  10. The Caddx Ranger panels come to mind.

    Mark Leuck wrote
  11. Bossman

    Bossman Guest

    I do exactly the same thing, only I'm not brave enough to charge the
    $150. I usually charge $75, but I don't work on the phones.

  12. I haven't collected on it yet. The threat has been enough to motivate sub
    to motivate telco. ;-) You just need to set your rates higher than the phone
    co. and let human nature take it's course.
  13. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    8900 seemed to have problems, also the ITI Simon 2 was bad at that.
  14. I never used an 8900, but the 8600's were horrible. 8980's occasionally
    too. The E versions were a little better.
  15. Spike

    Spike Guest

    You guys are getting yer balls all tied in a knot over nuthin'
    Advise your clients to call you first for any telephone problem, if it's
    inside wiring, you scoop the job. If you determine and advise it's the
    telco, you're out of the loop. The only fly in the ointment there is that
    fellow who mentionned the jack and it's connection to the arrestor.
  16. me

    me Guest

    what brand of panel is it ?
  17. robert

    robert Guest

    Robert wrote:
    The ring is caused by ac voltage. When a phone rings the voltage jumps to
    about 90 VAC It is not likely that the phone connection from the alarm
    panel is causing this problem. I would start looking for inductance or a
    wiring short to ac voltage as a potential. Interesting problem.
  18. Sp

    Sp Guest

    Is it a hardwired set or cordless? Cordless sets are known for doing that
    when they receive an erroneous signal. Some other possibilities are someone
    has set the predictor in the CO switch (5ESS) for a more than once-a-day
    auto test or the sub is on a splitpair that is picking up power influence to
    the point of popping the ringer (most common with solid state ringers vs.
    the older mechanical ringers.)

  19. Spike

    Spike Guest

    What the heck is a predictor and what is it testing?
  20. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Every phone company employs a fortune teller (predictor) at the CO. She
    tries to "predict" which lines are going to cause trouble by "testing" them
    with her crystal ball... That's why most CO's are in the "seedier" parts of
    town... :)
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