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Phillips model 50PL9126D/37 lamp problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jan 1, 2009.

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  1. Guest

    A buddy of mine told me about this problem with his tv, so I told him
    I'd check with this group - television plays fine for awhile (didn't
    say exactly how long), then the lamp failure light blinks and the set
    shuts down. After sitting a bit (cool off), it will start back up and
    repeat the problem. If he puts a fan blowing directly where the lamp
    is located, the set will play no problem. I am going to check fan/fans
    for operation and any obstructions in the area, but I wanted to know
    if any techs have seen this, with this particular model. Does the fan
    run continueously or is it temp controlled? Thanks in advance group.
  2. Guest

    I suspected the lamp could be going faulty, but I haven't been able to
    put together the fact that the temperature indicator light doesn't
    show when it shuts down, but keeping the area cool with a fan keeps it
    running. I will try to thermally cycle the ballast to see if I can
    repeat the problem, if I can access it without having to tear half the
    set apart. A schematic would be helpful, and I'll see if I can find
    one. Until then, thanks for the response, and I'll update the progress.
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