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Phillips 50" Plasma Repair Parts Needed - Model 50FD9955

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by James W, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. James W

    James W Guest

    I was wondering if you guys could help me...

    I have recently inherited a dead 50" Phillips Plasma monitor. This
    monitor worked fine up until 6 months ago. When I press the power
    button, the green "on" light appears and I hear a click, but there is
    no display (there are two 5" fans in the housing, they do not spin up
    either). The first thing I thought was that the power supply was
    dead, so I removed the back cover and found the board. On the board,
    there are three small burned areas where some of the components have
    shorted out. This monitor is out of warranty, and according to
    Phillips, is not available for after warranty repair. The Phillips
    help desk person I spoke with gave me a few phone numbers for local
    repair shops, but told me that they would not sell me the replacement
    part I need directly...which means parts + labor. Since the power
    supply appears to be the only damaged part of the entire display, I'd
    like to obtain only the part I need and replace it myself. Here is
    the pertinent info:

    TV Model: Phillips 50FD9955 50" Plasma Monitor
    Product Link:

    Defective Part: PNT-503
    Manufactured by Origin Electric Co. LTD (made in Japan)
    Input AC 100-240V
    Output +170V 2.0A, +70V 2.6A, +5V 5.0A, +5V 1.1A, +3.3V 4.0A
    +7V 0.5A, +14V 1.0A, +6V 0.3A

    The following marks are at the bottom left of the board:


    I've been scouring the web looking for a source for this board, but so
    far, my search has been fruitless. It would be a shame to throw this
    thing away, especially when it may only need one part. Of course,
    there is a good chance that the damage is more extensive than I can
    currently tell, but I think it's worth a shot. If anyone can provide
    any help on sourcing this part (or a compatible replacement), please
    let me know. As a side note, I have very little experience with board
    level repairs, so I wouldn't be able to repair it myself...but if you
    know someone who could, then that would be helpful too. I am
    including a link to pictures of the board.

    Thanks in advance for your help and for taking the time to read this

  2. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    The problem may be only the power supply, or there could be a fault
    elsewhere that burned it up. Your best bet is to take it to a shop that
    works on this sort of thing, they'll be able to repair the existing power
    supply at considerably less cost than buying a new one. Plasma sets are so
    complex there's really not anything anyone here can do to help you fix it on
    your own.
  3. Inty

    Inty Guest

    Yes, but it's only a switching psu...

  4. Andy Cuffe

    Andy Cuffe Guest

    It's hard to tell exactly what those parts are from the pictures. The
    power supply is probably repairable, but it's not a good do it
    yourself project. Switching power supplies can be difficult to
    repair, particularly ones as complex as that. If you miss one thing
    it will instantly blow all the parts you replaced plus it could cause
    serious damage to the TV. Since the TV was free, it's well worth
    putting a few hundred into it.
    Andy Cuffe

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  5. Guest

    It is only a switching psu?
    With no service information or schematic available and multiple burnt
    components including several surface mount burnt components and landing

    FYI it is probably the 7 or 8th one I have seen the psu board look like
    that. Our field tech was quite busy replacing the power supply on the
    Philips Plasma in the last year all with catastrophic burnt failures.
    Seems Philips has another wonderful engineering problem.

    Philips has paid for a couple that were out of warranty when they
    failed to the first owner. They had to call with receipt in hand and
    all information available AFTER an authorized tech performed the
    evaluation. Good thing though as a third person tried to fix
    themselves and had the back of the set when the tech arrived, customer
    service denied as an un-authorized person was inside the set.
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