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Philips widescreen problem(s)

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jet, Dec 14, 2003.

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  1. Jet

    Jet Guest

    Hi ;)

    Hope someone can maybe help me.
    I have 2 dead Philips widescreens;

    1 is 15 months old, marks on the label are as follows:

    Model: 32 PW 6006/05
    Chassis No: L01.1E AA
    Product Number: OG 002220 010216

    Symptoms: TV switches itself off from anywhere to 20 seconds to 10 minutes.
    I've been "reliably informed", that this is a fault with the "Painter IC".

    Current quotes to get this fixed by local TV Repair shops range from £150 ->
    £230. Don't have a problem with this (grumble grumble), but is this is a
    socketed component? Is it possible to replace it myself? I'm not bothered
    about voiding any warranties as the set is out of 12 months warranty
    (goddamn excellent timing :(( ). Also it has been totally unplugged from
    the mains for 3 weeks so any charges held inside would hopefully dissipated.

    Been told I should be able to source the Painter IC for about £48... but it
    may need programming. Obviously I would like to purchase the chip and
    replace it myself. If this isn't an option, have I been quoted realistic
    prices for supply & fit of a new chip?

    Also, the telly it replaced (yeah I know, what do I expect buying another
    Philips :( ) is as follows:

    Model: 28PW6332/05
    Chassis Number: MD1.2E AA
    Product Number: QG 029839 119267

    Symptoms: Blue screen. No sound. Just a blue screen. Been out of action
    (and switched off) for over a year

    Been told this needs a new tube at a cost of about £250.

    Any help / advice (as long as it isnt "Don't buy a Philips, they're
    shite"... had sooooo much of that from SWMBO it isn' true) much appreciated.

  2. Jet

    Jet Guest

    Forgot to add, I'm in the UK
  3. Alain Beguin

    Alain Beguin Guest

    "Jet" a écrit/schreef/wrote le/op/on 14/12/2003 :
    That was obvious because you indicated the prices in £ :)
    Also, we can read it from your headers.

    About your first set; are you certain that the G2 voltage is correct?
    Otherwise you could try to reduce a littlebit but note the original
    position of the precet.(one of the two on the back of the HOT.screen
    marked, the other is focus)
    About replacing ic' is not so easy and you will need special
    soldering apparatus :-( indeed, I think that the ic you mention is

    About the second set, a question; you know that a Philips tv of this
    model shows a "blue screen" like the MS blue screen of death :D when
    the set does not receive a station or signal from a scart or play
    station. This is called "blue muting" and is normal.
    Wy I tell this? Because you have no sound...and I can not imagine that
    the tube is bad with a no sound diagnose. Usully in that case the sound
    is ok.

    Try to feed a signal via the scart plug. Picture?
    We have a lot of bad tubes in those sets, but for this one you should
    check more.


  4. Mick

    Mick Guest

    I have got a 28PW6332/05 in the shed its got sound but no picture (video) i
    replaced it with a hitachi,brilliant.
  5. Lee Blaver

    Lee Blaver Guest

    In which case the sale of goods act applies.
    Try Trading Standards or CAB for
    information and whether it applies in your case.
    In theory, you should be able to claim for repairs ,(from the retailer)
    since the device could be reasonably expected to last longer than 15
    months. Whether it's worth the hassle is another matter...

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