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Philips TV 13 Months Old Faulty

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Gerry \(The Moth\), Oct 14, 2003.

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  1. I've got a Philips TV 32PW6515 & its only 13 months old, 1 month outside the
    manuafcturers gaurantee. Got an engineer out who told me the tubes
    completely away in it.

    Does anyone know if this a a commom fault as the engineer that came out said
    he'd just been to a callout for exactly the same fault.

    Also does anyone what I can do? Its out of gaurantee, the internet site I
    bought it from say its nothing to do with them & Philips say send us a
    letter & we'll look into it?

    Please also reply using email, remove the NOSPAMREMOVE from the email
    Gerry aka (The MOTH)
    SG1 Edinburgh

    'Time is short. Life is cruel. Its up to us to change, this town called
  2. I've got a Philips TV 32PW6515 & its only 13 months old, 1 month outside the
    What does it do?

    You've got to describe what the TV is doing for us to give you a good answer.
    - Reinhart
  3. Will be watching the TV and the screen goes pale green colour with squiggly
    lines, was happening now & then, but its all the time now. The sounds not
    Have to turn off/on to get picture back, but it happens again after a few
    Reapair man said the tubes totally gone & will need replaced.

    Gerry aka (The MOTH)
    SG1 Edinburgh
    Tel: 0131 314 2478

    'Time is short. Life is cruel. Its up to us to change, this town called
  4. Nigel

    Nigel Guest

    From whom did you purchase it ?

    Their saying they have no come back on it unless Philips say it was a faulty
    tube from the very start & Philips are going to say that they sell faulty
    goods aren't they.

    Gerry aka (The MOTH)
    SG1 Edinburgh

    'Time is short. Life is cruel. Its up to us to change, this town called
  6. Ol' Duffer

    Ol' Duffer Guest

    I couldn't find a listing for any such model. Could be so
    new that manuals and parts haven't hit the streets yet(?)
    What's the chassis number?
    The model number sounds like a large CRT. With about twice
    as much phosphor to light up with the same size electron
    guns as a normal table model, they drive them pretty hard.
    If you run it 24/7 at high brightness or color saturation,
    it could be gone. Or it could have been soft to start with.
    Reading between the lines and speculating a bit - you got a
    better price by buying from a distributor who doesn't have
    the overhead of running a service department, and your nearest
    Philips service center doesn't feel any remorse since you
    didn't buy it from them, and I gather you didn't buy the
    extended warranty contract either....

    So send Philips a letter and let us know what happens. Their
    consumer affairs people sometimes do nice things for folks who
    think they got a lemon. You did at least send in your warranty
    registration when you bought it, right?
  7. Alain.Beguin

    Alain.Beguin Guest

    "Gerry (The Moth)" a écrit le/schreef op/wrote on 14/10/2003
    Hello, Gerry,

    Here in Belgium we have a warranty of 2 years on the picture tube. Is
    it different in the UK?
    Your tv set is a standard model with a tube of 32 inches. The chassis
    in the set is an A10E
    The tube is an W76ERF001X013 with order code 9301 800 90314

    Write a letter to Philips Customer Services with your complaint and the
    number of the chassis and model.

    I'm pretty shure that they will help you out of this.

    Best greetings,

  8. JohnAce

    JohnAce Guest

    You should have 2 years on the CRT
  9. Lee Blaver

    Lee Blaver Guest

    Since this is the UK, and you purchased retail, remind the *retailer*,
    who you have the contract with, not Philips, of the Sale Of Goods act,
    saying it is unfit for the purpose or of unmerchantable quality, since
    it can be reasonably expected to last longer than 13 months.

    " For up to six years after purchase (five years from discovery in
    Scotland) consumers can demand damages (which a court would equate to
    the cost of a repair or replacement)"

    This site has sample letters etc:

    If you have to consider taking them to court then you can use fixed
    cost "small claims", but weigh up how much this will cost you and
    whether you are willing to use further enforcement if you get a ruling
    and they still refuse to pay:
    Note the limit is £750 UKP in Scotland.

    I haven't had to do this personally, although I know people who have,
    and won.
    So check with the CAB or consumer websites for more info.

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