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Philips repair - am I being ripped off?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Steven, Dec 4, 2004.

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  1. Steven

    Steven Guest

    Hi all,

    I have a problem with a Philips 28PW6515/05. It keeps going into
    standby after a few hours usage (letting the TV cool for a couple of
    hours would often bring the thing back to life).

    I took it into repair to City Electronic Services, Barking, Essex, UK
    (a registered Philips dealer).

    I have been billed the following:
    Inspection fee (came and collected TV) - £57.75
    Labour - £57
    "Painter chip and memory chip" £62.79

    Plus there is VAT to pay on top of this!

    The TV only cost around £500 when I bought it 3 years ago.

    The issues here:
    1) This bill has come as quite a shock, there was no estimate given -
    which I am very pissed off about. Can I sue the company for not giving
    an estimate?

    2) I was wondering if anyone knows whether this is a realistic
    estimate for the work? I have no idea how much it should cost. Am I
    being ripped off?

    [They did tell me that this is a "known fault" with Philips TVs and
    that Philips "may be willing to pay for the cost of the parts". But I
    think that was City Electronics just trying to get me off the phone!

    Any help would be useful, are there any websites that deal with these

    Best wishes,

  2. eddumweer

    eddumweer Guest

    Hi Steve,

    Repair is expensive these days.

    But think about someone must get the tv and bring it to the repairshop. So
    this cost time and so money. Also think about if there is something that
    broke during transport, I think you hold the transporter responsible. So
    there you also pay for.

    If they say it's a common fault in that tv-set, they can repair it in a
    short time. But think that administrationcost, getting the replacement
    components by post is expensive these days (ordercost from companies) and
    these are also payed by you.

    And because the chiptype is not exactly mentioned I can't say that the price
    isn't reasonable.

    But for you as a customer it looks like a huge cost and it is, but as a
    company with paying the repairman at the end of the month and taxes and so
    on it's looks normal.

    But also the prices you payed for new is quite low if you see the price for
    the repair, I've seen that in my 20 years I've been repairing that the
    repairprice is coming quick towards the newprice!

    For that reason I've left the repairbusiness for end consumers and making
    repairs for businessequipment without the problem how to tell the customer
    how high the prices are!

    Greetings Peter
  3. barry

    barry Guest

    no your not being ripped off! this problemwith the painter chip is a costly
    and time consuming repair needing special equipment(viz a viz)soldering
    regards barry
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