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Philips Magnavox TV, video problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by LS, Sep 23, 2003.

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  1. LS

    LS Guest

    My Philips Magnavox TV model: TS2779C221 has a failed video. Screen
    looks bright along with the retracing white lines. I don't have a
    service manual, but just thinking whether I should venture into
    component level trouble-shooting. I believe that it could be just a
    matter of a failed capacitor or a dry solder. I had done such things
    several years ago and am aware of the safety issues. The other easier
    option could be to replace the chassis. I appreciate if anyone could
    share a similar experience and suggest me where I could buy the
    chassis (27K800 7591) and how much it could cost?

  2. David

    David Guest

    Point #1, Chassis replacement is not the easy option as there would be many
    alignments required. Plus the set was designed to be repaired to the
    component level, if Philips had any Chassis available they would have been
    on special order for authorized servicers to fix the oddball problem that
    could not be repaired effectively under warranty. Most complete Chassis
    from Philips are in the $300 range except for the RPTV sets.

    That kind of failure is a simple matter to troubleshoot the crt voltages,
    crt drive waveforms, video output supply voltages, etc in order to find and
    repair the problem.

  3. LS

    LS Guest

    Thanks David, I appreciate your response. I looked at the alignment
    thing, but couldn't find anything that I could adjust, except for
    focus and VG on the output transformer. Things have improved a lot
    over years. While the new set itself didn't cost more than $295 three
    years ago, I am trying to understand why anyone would buy the chassis
    in the $300 range. If I am not sure of spending my energy at component
    level, and if the chassis is either not easily available or expensive,
    is buying a new TV the solution?

  4. Ray

    Ray Guest

    Look for open 10 Ohm resistor mounted at lower left side of CRT board
    (looking from rear)
  5. LS

    LS Guest

    Great! that's exactly the problem. Thank you very much Ray...

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