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Philips Magnavox 8P6044 Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Vendetta, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. Vendetta

    Vendetta Guest

    Just for starters, I have no knowledge about television repair at all
    When I am watching my television white oblects have a blue shadow. I
    is like the screen is a bit hazy when there is a lot of white on th
    screen and when there are really large white words on the screen yo
    can really see a blue glow around the borders of the words. Doe
    anyone have an idea of what my problem could be and how I can fix it
  2. Alain Beguin

    Alain Beguin Guest

    Vendetta a écrit/wrote/schreef le/on/op 17/10/2005 H. Ignaas ;
    Looks like a picture tube problem, very common with Philips/Magnavox

    Try to reduce the contrast, maybe it will be better.
    If you have no knowledge it would be better to ask a serviceman to have
    a look at it :)
  3. John-Del

    John-Del Guest

    Look into the three tubes while the TV is running, and observe the
    picture quality of the three. Usually, the red is crisp and clear, the
    green somewhat (or really) hazy, and the blue's picture nearly
    obliterated from bacteria growing in the coolant. If the coolant is
    clear, it can be a weak CRT. If the images are as I described, the
    problem is the coolant, which is a very common problem is Philips. The
    blue and green CRTs need to be removed from the light box to be
    serviced. The coolant needs to be drained, the CRT assemblies
    disassembled and totally scrubbed clean and refilled, then reinstalled
    and converged. While the red tube in Philips products doesn't usually
    get cloudy, the fluid does yellow somewhat. I always service all
    three tubes together.
  4. John,

    How much do you charge for these and where are you located? We charge $240
    labor in shop plus the coolant, add pickup and delivery if they can't bring
    it in. It amazes me that we are still seeing these sets with the same
    problem. Didn't they ever figure it out. I did one recently that was only
    4 years old.

  5. John-Del

    John-Del Guest


    I'm in central CT, and we get about $275 plus tax on a carry in, and
    $325 plus tax in the home for all three tubes removed, scrubbed, and
    refilled. Believe it or not, there are guys that siphon the tubes and
    refill them through the expansion chamber. Needless to say the results
    aren't good.

  6. ray13

    ray13 Guest

    Our flat rate was $400. I knew one guy used a detergent to wash out the
    insides and refill them. We had to send the coolant to a hazardous
    waste dump to after saving it in red gallon cans, then to a 55 gallon
    drum that went to the dump.
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