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Philips headaches

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Leonard Caillouet, Jan 28, 2006.

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  1. I know several servicers have dropped Philips recently because of hassles
    getting credits, lack of payment for labor, and the general lack of support.
    Have any of you had similar experiences? Is it getting better or worse?

    These are recent remarks from one servicer in an exchange on the matter...

    Its been a fight for a few months now. but working on it , I'm not one to
    give up to easy, but I have given them many chances, the latest is all my
    labor rates have almost doubled, to accommodate for the mess. they just have
    to say yes or no. and I've told them why, takes 2 hours to fix the set, 1
    hour of travel and 4-5 hours to get the paperwork all done. basically a full
    days pay for any call. Used to be half a day, and thats bad enough. all they
    really have to do is pay the bill that they agreed to do before I did the
    job. its really that simple, just like a checkout line in a grocery store,
    they ring it up, you pay or dont' get the goods.

    Are the problems universally bad or just with a few servicers? Everyone
    that I know that does warranty work for Philips hates dealing with them.

  2. Newfdog

    Newfdog Guest

    Glad to know things haven't changed at Philips. I had the same problems
    dealing with them over 20 years ago. So glad to be retired.

  3. Ron(UK)

    Ron(UK) Guest

    I once had them about to sue me for none payment of an invoice for
    £00.00 (in other words, nothing) it was for some foc part or other, I
    let it go on for as long as I dare before sending them a cheque for zero
    pounds zero pennies.
    Naturally, it was the computers fault.

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