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Philips 65PUT6121 not doing much of anything

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Repair' started by mrMoose84, Apr 5, 2021.

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  1. mrMoose84


    Apr 5, 2021
    Hi there!

    I've gotten hold of a Philips 65PUT6121 where the previous owner said it just didn't show anything on screen one day, however the sound was working. Personally I haven't managed to get even sound out of it but that might be because they didn't leave me the remote so I have no idea what's happening when I plug in the power cord. I've tried fiddling with the joystick on the back but... Well, nothing lights up and I can't see that the LCD is activated by shining a flashlight either so... The only thing that happens when I plug the power cord in is that I hear the click of a relay.

    Either way, I've googled a quite a bit and watched some videos on YouTube. Tried some fiddling with cables and then came across a video with an identical problem where the person used a multimeter to find that the 5V was dropping out. I tried to copy what the person was doing but... Well, you shouldn't multimeter things in an awkard angle with bad lighting and being tired, but I really wanted to start the troubleshooting... Short story long, I now have a lot more troubleshooting to do if I want a chance to get this TV up and running. A slip and a spark and the automatic circuit breaker in the apartment made the room dark. And then once a again when I flipped it back and put in the power cord again...

    Any suggestion for 1. how to fix the short I caused, and 2. to then fix the inital problem?

    I have loads of time, when I'm not tired and stupidly in a rush I'm good enough with a soldering iron and normally I know well enough to not put the multimeter to something where I might accidentally touch something else, but loads of money so I'd rather switch out and test the most basic parts instead of buying a new power supply or something like that.

    I've included an image of the power supply board with a blue arrow to where I tried to measure (the other lead was on a grounded screw) and a red line for where I made the short.

    Thanks in advance for you help!
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