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Philips 3a chassis eeprom image?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by timppa, Nov 29, 2003.

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  1. timppa

    timppa Guest

    Where I can find such for my Finnish "region" TV set?
    BR24C04 is not fully compatible, but it works... I have tried
    I have now X2404P to replace original X2404M , but it might have been
    programmed incorrectly. Picture is only black and white lines.
  2. eddumweer

    eddumweer Guest

    The eeprom must be preprogrammed for the right 3A tv-set (

    Depending the software inside the eeprom al the settings for picture, sound,
    txt, tuner and stations are inside the eeprom.
    After replacing fine adjustments are needed because of tolerances in the

    For adjusting see , 3A

    Greetings Peter
  3. timppa

    timppa Guest

    It is bit hard to adjust those with X2404P because even servicemode is black
    and white lines. Also there is quite highfreq noise with that chip.
    With BR24c04 I manage to adjust all 14 mem.blocks of serv.mode, but after
    leaving service menu atleast 00 to 02 servmode entries are not taken in to
    use. I have tested this by chaging tuning of channels in channel memory and
    those values causes changes in geometry of unit. But when I enter
    values that are stored in those block are correct, but again when I leave
    menu again those are not taken in to use. for example e/w corretion vertical
    linearity etc are adjusted ok.
    But for example tuning channelnumber 20 to memory place 01 makes difference
    in picture height when I tune there channel number 50 (very low picture).

    Not too easy....
  4. eddumweer

    eddumweer Guest

    First memorize a station into preselect 1, the if you hear the highfreq
    noise, the linefrequency is to low so it looks like the Horizontal
    synchronization at adjustment 00 is not good, so go blind into the
    servicemenu, because you can't see the 4 stripes, put the number 00 with the
    remote and adjust with the volume - or + until the picture is good, then
    with the pp button (personal pre) you can memorize it.

    After repair you better place two zenerdiodes 5V6 from ground of the x24 to
    sda and scl on the same eeprom, this modification is given from Philips to
    protect the two lines.

    Greetings Peter
  5. timppa

    timppa Guest

    Thanks again! But it didn't help with X2404P. It must have been programmed
    with wrong code.
    I manage to hear sound but picture does not come up good. Have tried many
    times. With BR24C04 I can get almost correct geometry.
    I have to check those chips with hex editor....
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