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Philips 32FL2881/75R faults - Help

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by jkgoodall, Jan 24, 2005.

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  1. jkgoodall

    jkgoodall Guest

    I have 2 Philips 32FL2881/75R wide screen tv's with faults. ( FL2-
    chassis ).

    The first one's picture is about 2/3 the normal width and seems to hav
    totally lost verticle sync but I think I can just make out a pictur
    there. I only get sound for the first few seconds after I turn it on
    The PIP picture is ok. On av/svhs it tells me there is no signal.

    The second one.
    It started out working fine but shutting the picture off after a fe
    minutes when the weather was very hot and humid. The sound was fine. I
    does not matter if you use the tuners or av/svhs inputs. Now It seems t
    have lost both verticle and horozontal sync,the picture seems ok but fo
    this. The sound is still ok.

    Also as this is a 100hz model is there a mod I can do or module I ca
    install to give it either SCART, component or VGA inputs ?

    I am a electronics tech but in industrial electronics and have neve
    worked on TV's before, so any help anyone can give me is very welcome
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