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Philips 27PS60S no color on certain channels

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Cryopaul, Aug 25, 2003.

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  1. Cryopaul

    Cryopaul Guest

    On certain channels, the color will goto B&W. Turning the tv off for a minute
    or so will remedy the problem as will changing the channel back and forth. The
    tv is about two years old and the problem has always been there, but has never
    been an issue since I used to use a digital cable box to change the channels.

  2. TV Fixer1

    TV Fixer1 Guest

    Could be a bad color osc crystal...3.58Mhz
  3. It could be that the signal level across the bandwidth of the channels
    is very skewed, ie, not flat across the channel, thus confusing the
    circuit that detects the color burst on the back porch of the
    horizontal sync pulse into thinking that the transmission is B+W. Is
    it always the same channels that are flaky, and from any signal
    source? There may be some non-linearities in the cables from whatever
    source into the tv set that are causing these "drop-outs" in the
    cables response across the band. Moving the interconnecting cables
    while watching the tv might uncover this type of problem. Replacing
    the interconnecting cables with a different type of cable might also
    show some results.

    H. R. (Bob) Hofmann
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