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phase/frequency detector

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by jghasemi, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. jghasemi

    jghasemi Guest

    In a specific application I should compare the phase/frequency of two
    signals and make a voltage proportional to their phase/frequency
    difference. I want to connect this signal to the input of a VCSO.
    I’ve XORed these signals and then connected them to the inputs of an
    Op-Amp but I’m looking for a better way.
  2. jghasemi

    jghasemi Guest

    Thanks Tim,
    I’m trying to transmit STM64 over OTN using AMCC OTN wrapper. The AMCC
    S19203 divides input and output stream frequency and gives them to
    feed an external PLL. I should compare the phase of these signals and
    make the output stream reference clock. The output frequency of
    dividers is 50MHz.
    I’ve opted VS751 to make the desired reference clock. The VS751 give
    an input voltage (proportional to the phase difference) to control the
    output frequency. Now I want to know how to make a voltage
    proportional to the phase difference.
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