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Pex and solar panels

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Gary, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Gary

    Gary Guest

    I'm building a house right now myself, and would like to put solar hot water
    panels on the roof in the future. Right now I would like to run lines from
    the boiler room to the attic for future use. Can I use 3/4' Oxy Pex for
    this purpose?
  2. Gary

    Gary Guest

    Yup O2 barrier. I would use covert to copper through the roof. My system
    uses 50%/50% glycol/water.

  3. Copper pressure limits ....maybe you should explain why a glycol/water
    solution in a solar panel would be any where near 250 PSI for K grade used
    in refrigation or 200 PSI for
    for the softer copper used to pipe in icemaker or similar water piping.When
    a 100psi is 388F on pure water
    and higher when you add in glycol.Steamers,heating/AC
    engineers/installers,and mechanics might wonder more about the PEX melting
    at 250F and about 20 PSI roughly depending on glycol %.
    In otherwords when the copper is dieing what is the story much earlier on
    the PEX.
    If the guy was using ammonia instead of glycol I would worry.But he is
  4. Niels Erik

    Niels Erik Guest

    I think Arnold is right.
    In fact PEX is NOT allowed in solar panels in this country.
    The typical stagnation temp of a solar panel is close to 200 deg C (350 deg
    F) and that is above the max temperature for PEX.
    As piping you may use copper, black iron or stainless steel.
    You may not use galvanized pipe in combination with glycol.
    regards Niels
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