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Peltier Junction experiences?

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by [email protected], Aug 2, 2006.

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    Hello Newsgroup,

    I'd like to do a podcast episode on peltier junctions (with the heatwave and
    everything, seems like it might be interesting and kind of fun.)

    One problem... I've never actually worked with them. :-/

    So, anyone who has had any experiences with peltier junctions and would like
    to be recorded over the telephone (or if possible, record a brief message
    and upload it into an MP3 format?) I'd very much like to hear from you!

    Pretty much any experiences you might have had would be valuable, all I ask
    is that you keep URL's, phone numbers and stuff out of the audio clip (I will
    give attribution in the show notes though, so let me know of a web page URL,
    name and, if you wish, phone number to place in the notes)

    If you're in the US or Canada, and would like to be contacted over the phone,
    I believe I can do that too. (although it'll likely be noisy I still have
    some issues with my hybrid circuit to work out..)

    Contact form is:

    (I don't give out my email address and I won't give yours out either, unless
    you explicitly ask me to)

    The intent is just to be fun. Weird, amusing experiences would be good. (Audio
    format isn't real great for technical details, just kind of an overview)

    For example, if you've ever accidently started a fire or had water condensation
    short something out, that would be good to hear about.

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