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Peltier cooler Question

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by no one that you know, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. I have one of those little 12 coleman coolers and was just wondering if
    you put ice in will the ice last longer unpowered or powered.
    Think about it for a second?
    These units can only maintain a 20 c ambient differance (no ice)
    Now on the other hand what if a guy were to have the fins on the outside
    where the heat is removed dipped in ice would that change the ambient
    differance giving a lower temp on the inside?
  2. It's a fridge so if you turn it on, things inside will stay
    cooler than if you turn it off. Ice would melt slower inside
    the box if you have it turned on.
    Yes, assuming you didn't short anything out.

  3. You missed my question I guess.
    What if the ice inside allready caused a air temp differance greater than the
    ambient differance?.
    Would the peltier chip still work the way it is supposed to? How could it cool
    the air even more when the air inside is allready colder than its possible 20
    c differance.
    If anything it would warm the air to the 20 deg ambient differance.
    What has got me thinking here is these are not fridges and dont even come
    close to refrigerator temps. I was thinking of emersing the cooler in a ice
    filled bucket instead of putting ice inside it. This should lower the ambient
    temp differance if the cooling fins could also be dipped in the cold ice
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