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Pelco D Protocols

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Robert Howcroft, Apr 3, 2005.

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  1. I'm trying to write some software on my PC in Visual Basic to control my PTZ
    Does anyone have any Info on the Pelco-D Protocols?

    Or failing that does anyone know any software that will do this 'Out the

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    Pelco will give you this information for free. Contact Technical Support.
  3. Devin

    Devin Guest

    Dedicated micros software will control all pelco formats, but you would
    also need the dedicated micros DVR to go with it. Most camera's take 232
    or rs485 protocols, but you would need to figure out the commands(binary
    version of up, down etc.). But i have seen it done with just an I/O card
    and a pc. But there may be a solution i dont know of. We always use cctv
    head end equipment, so i wouldnt really be 100% sure if you could with
    your pc how you describe it.
  4. Aegis

    Aegis Guest'pelco p protocol'
  5. Aegis

    Aegis Guest

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