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PDF Explorer V1.5 Build 47 released

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by RTT, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. RTT

    RTT Guest


    PDF Explorer V1.5 Build 47 released. Verify online for what's new in
    this version.

    PDF Explorer is a PDF file management software.
    It allows you to easily index all your pdf documents to a database file
    using the metadata fields: Filename, File size, File date, Title,
    Subject, Author, Creator, Producer, Creation Date, Modification Date and
    Number of Pages.

    With PDF Explorer you can easily index your entire collection of pdf
    documents, spread by several disks, network places and also within ZIP,
    RAR and ACE compressed archives.

    You can then search through all the files using boolean expressions and
    full text search, view them, extract images, extract text, apply batch
    functions, and more.

    PDF Explorer can also read out loud the pdf documents text so you can
    relax your eyes, or create wav or mp3 audio files so you can listen later.

    PDF Explorer is freeware for personal, non commercial, use.

    Managing your datasheets is now a ease task!

    You can find it at
  2. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    "If you intend to use PDF Explorer at your place of business
    or for commercial purposes, you need to register"
    PDF Explorer 1 User 60.00 Euros
    1) Validate your HTML before publishing it on the Internet.
    After that, correct it.

    2) Learn to cross-post.*-*+*-*-*-*-two-groups-*-*-aren't-*-different

    (You should also learn
    to add your spam to an existing thread on the subject.)*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-PLASTER-*-*

    3) Can you point to any independent reviews of your app?
  3. I prefer to let do that dirty job for me.
  4. RTT

    RTT Guest

    I'm sure that you will be in agreement with me. It's free if used to
    organize your datasheets, or whatever, at home but if you are going to
    use the tool at your business place and get monetary profits of its use...
    Why? Do not draw correctly? :) What browser are you using?
    Thanks for the TIP
    Does not exist. This is fresh news.

    I also use my program, PDF Explorer, to organize, and quick find, my
    datasheets so I think is a must for others that like me have thousands
    of datasheets sparred by several media types.
    I feel I’m in the correct place, or not?

    Try for yourself. This is not a 100MB application. Just download and
    give it a try, later one you can make the review and post it here so
    that everyone can read.
  5. RTT

    RTT Guest

    Don’t tell me that your private datasheets are there also :)
    And all the datasheets, and other pdf documents, that you have in your
    hard disks, cd's and dvd's?
  6. None. They're all printed on paper.
  7. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    1) Validate your HTML before publishing it on the Internet.
    If you don't understand why, you must not be much of a coder.
    If you build standards-compliant code, it wouldn't matter.
    Not true. I showed you the tool and gave you a seed.
    You're just too lazy to find it.
    Nope. Fresh spam is still SPAM.
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