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Discussion in 'CAD' started by [email protected], Dec 10, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    Hi, I'm looking at an open-source PCB tool and I'd like to hear if
    anyone else has used it. I'm planning on doing a board with
    power/ground planes and 1.0 mm BGA's.

    Anybody tried the tool with / without a board like that?
    The tool is at:

  2. Ingo Cyliax

    Ingo Cyliax Guest

    I have not used, it looks nice. I have been using PCB for
    layout for years for layout and have recently started using gEDA for
    schematics capture, which seems to work nicely. I have also used
    Xcircuit, which is good for drawing schematics, but little awkward for
    doing design. All under Linux. These tools can probably be build for
    Windows using Cygwin, but I haven't tried. Well, I know PCB can be

    PCB works well for thruhole and SMT parts. I have not done BGA with it,
    but don't see a reason that it wouldn't work, if you generate the
    appropriate footprints. I have generated many real 2-4 boards with it,
    without serious problems, that weren't operator error.

    See ya, -ingo
  3. Guest

    Thanks for the input. I've been using gEDA for schematic capture also.
    I've been using a rather old Windows port of it, but it works quite
    well so I haven't upgraded.

    I have considered PCB, but am unfortunately bound to a windows platform
    for a variety of hard to justify reasons. Not being versed in Cygwin
    ports, I haven't made the effort. The FreePCB tool is a native windows

    Anybody out there done a Cygwin port of PCB that can shed some light on
    how easy/hard it is to do?
  4. Mac

    Mac Guest

    I believe PCB is reasonably well-supported under cygwin. I know I have it
    running. I believe I built it from source, with no patches or anything,
    but I have fairly recent versions of cygwin and PCB. (Less than a year
    old, I think). It couldn't hurt you to try building PCB. If it won't
    build, just delete the whole build directory and move on.

    I haven't put cygwin-PCB through its paces, but I did verify that it
    started up and could read a few layouts and so on.


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