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pcb size

Discussion in 'CAD' started by mnkr, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. mnkr

    mnkr Guest

    why most of the people use pcb thickness 1.6mm.
  2. Because the more a material is used, the cheaper it becomes.. and the more
    likely it will be in stock.

  3. This is what an ancient colleague of mine told me a few years ago:
    1.6mm is the distance between 2 pins on a 2.54mm pitch IDC connector,
    therefore a 1.6mm thick PCB fits snugly in between the two rows of
    pins. Back in the day, an IDC connector could easily be fitted on the
    edge of the board, soldering each row of pins to each side of the
    board, making it easy peasy to build modular cards to fit onto a

    More likely is that some process or tool works at maximum yield /
    efficiency pumping out 1.6mm glass-fibre weaves. It is the standard PCB
    manufacturer thickness, if you do not specify the thickness in your
    order/quote, they'll give you 1.6mm.

  4. Without being too parochial, I'll point out that most PCB work during
    development in the 1940s and 1950s was being done in the USA. Engineers of
    that era were still working in fractions of an inch, with the 32nd of an
    inch (1 / 32 of an inch) being about the finest pitch most of them used. 1
    / 32" (0.031") was a little too thin to be dimensionally stable; it broke
    traces quite easily using the phenolic and paper based boards of the day. 3
    / 32" (0.093") was a bit thick and used too much plastic material. The
    compromise was 2 / 32, or 1 /16 (0.062"), which if you do the conversion
    comes out 1.57mm, or rounded to 1.6mm.


    It is the standard PCB
  5. ITYM 1.59 mm -> 1.6mm (exact conversion is 1.5875mm)

    I see supposed "0.062" material that is < 1.5mm, so I suppose they are
    subsituting thinner Asian standard prepreg.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
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