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PCB shematic/layout tool survey

Discussion in 'CAD' started by thepcbdude, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. thepcbdude

    thepcbdude Guest

    I am doing a quick survey on PCB schematic / layout tools used. If you

    have a couple minutes could you answer the following questions and
    email me at . I will post the results of the

    1) What schematic capture tool do you use?
    2) What PCB layout tool do you use?
    3a) Do you use these tools for Analog design?
    3b) Digital design?
    3c) RF design?
    4) Are you a hobbyist or a professional?
    5) If a professional, how large a company do you work for ( number of
    a:1-9, b:10-99, c:100-999, d:1000+?
    6) how many boards do you do a year?
    7) Which of the following best describes the complexity of your typical

    board ?
    a: very simple - 1 or 2 layers, no high density parts/routing,
    no advanced features.
    b: simple - 4 or less layers, no high density parts/routing, no

    advanced features.
    c: moderate - 4 or more layers, uses high density parts/routing

    or some advanced features.
    d: complex - 4 or more layers, uses high density parts/routing
    and multiple advanced features.
    8) What Country, State/Province are you located in?
  2. PeteS

    PeteS Guest

    -------- snip 8< --------

    Good way to harvest email addresses from pros, who _really_ don't want
    any more spam in their inbox. Call me a cynic, but I've seen it before.

    On your questions; 6 and 8 layer boards aren't necessarily complex and
    even 2 layers could be.

    If you want a survey, then set up a proper web survey (no
    logins/registration required) and I might play.


  3. thepcbdude

    thepcbdude Guest

    Thanks for the feedback, although harvesting was not my intent, I
    guess you're right this was a poor way of going about this.

    wrt what is complex and what is not , yes you can do a very complex
    layout on two layers (or even one) and a very simple layout on 8+
    layers but these are the exception. Also what one person considers
    complex others think are simple. So I created a simple yet rough guide
    as to what is simple/complex.
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