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pcb printing

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Michael (Micksa) Slade, Oct 27, 2004.

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  1. Hmm - the less discretionary money you have, the more power to your Boss ...
    the Bank, the bastards at the Tax Office and whatever other parasites
    insinuates themselves upon your limited hours of life once they smell
    weakness - you don't have to be a billionaire but having little debt is
    certainly one way of keeping out of slavery.

    Thus, to me, spending money only on things I enjoy is a priority.
    Well, I like getting the results more than the pcb-making part - which to me
    is messy, tedious and boring work. Home-brew boards tend to be ugly too,
    Mine are anyway ;-)

    I would rather be doing something else entirely.
    My point ...
    What system do you have?

    You see: For me, the purpose of using alternatives would be to reduce my
    immediate dependency of a bunch of Islamist Nazies and to deposit my power
    bill in a region of the world that appreciate my existence. It actually
    looks like a combined solar/furnace system will even cut my total heating
    bill, thus increasing my total freedom.
    I'm light all over ;-)

    Work is what I *have to do*. I wish to replace 'work' with *what I choose to
    do*. I choose not to make pcb's because I cannot met my own standards and go
    bicycling instead.
    Money, like Work is a means to an end.
  2. While *you* might prefer to watch the letter box ... *I* would probably take
    a bicycle trip, go to the movies, do some work on the house or maybe even a
    shopping expedition to Germany ;-)
    Been there before - glad that I do not have to anymore.
  3. Mark Zenier

    Mark Zenier Guest

    Check the docs for the printer spooler that you use or the docs and
    source for the printer driver. (The CUPS spooler has scale factors
    in the command line print programs, but only to a 1 % resolution).
    If the driver for that printer uses Ghostscript for the Postscript/PDF
    to raster/bitmap conversion (like they do for HP printers), you could
    dig in and tweek the driver script to set the printer resolution or
    adjust a scale factor for the one dimension.

    Or use ImageMagick or the GIMP to scale the image.

    Mark Zenier Washington State resident
  4. YD

    YD Guest

    As mentioned by others, that's 0.7%. Unless you use very large parts
    (across the board) with very exact spacing it's nothing to worry
    about. Using a 0.8 or 0.7 mm drill gives enough slop to push most
    parts in without too much force. My process tends to be messier and
    still been able to use up to 40 pin DIPs.

    - YD.
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