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PCB Making with inkjet printer

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Peter, Aug 8, 2003.

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  1. Peter

    Peter Guest

    It occurs to me that if you were to fill an inkjet printer cartridge
    with a non-water based ink, you could just modify a cheap printer or
    plotter and print directly onto the copper and then etch in normal
    etchant. Forget about iron-ons and all the other one-off methods. I
    can't find any reference to it anywhere. Any reason why it wouldn't
  2. Hi,
    I should think that the rather viscous ink that you would need
    might block the cartridge holes. However, this method has been tried
    with pen plotters using refillable pens. What the ink was I do not
    know but would like to as I have a Roland plotter that I might try out
    one day.

    Cheers - Joe
  3. Brett

    Brett Guest

    The other problem is the bending of the pcb that would be required or major
    printer moddifications. Though you can get pcb that is flexible enough for
    the job.

    I have tried all the home brew methods people have thought up, and the only
    one that worked well was the photographic method. While more expensive, the
    results are spectacular and sooooo hands off compared to other methods. (And
    they look neat if you use MG Chemical's photosensitive boards which are dark

    For the pen plotter method, I had ok results, however ground planes were
    impossible and the track width is limited to 24mils and greater in my case.
    It also took long periods of time to plot. The other major problem with this
    method is that the etchant tends to eat away at the tracks slightly.

  4. I remember a few years back seeing an advertisement for a product just like
    this in one of the electronic magazines. It was either Popular Electronics,
    Electronics Now, or Poptronics. I too, have also inquired about this in the
    newsgroup with no success but I know I saw it. It must not be very good or
    else it would be more popular.

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