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pcb makers

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Michael C, Sep 8, 2003.

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  1. Michael C

    Michael C Guest

    Does anybody know of pcb makers that will do one off's for a reasonable
    price? (preferably so I can order over the net.)
    Also what software would I need to design the layouts?
  2. Two places I use

    1) Sesame Electronics - nothing flash, about hobbyist level (although on
    occasion I have received superb PCBs from them) I suggest min 0.75mm Track w
    0.5mm Spacing - a bit rough but good enough for most bar the more complex
    prototypes and very reasonable pricing.

    2) Printed Electronics - Superb work -they would manage 0.25mm Tracks
    (although the minimum I go to is 0.5mm which they do with ease) however they
    do cost quite a bit more (around $300 odd for an A4 panel - 1 off if memory
    serves). Cant find the details to contact Mike
    Lynch who makes the PCBs but they usually have an ad in the back of Silicon
    try protel Autotrax - the DOS version is free and I have it running under
    W2K with no probs ....

    Richard Freeman
  3. bemw

    bemw Guest

    This link leads to ASPEN AMPLIFIERS. Is that correct for PCB manufacturer?
  4. Yes dunno what the connection is but email him and he will forward it to
    mike lynch who does the PCBs..
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