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PCB Makers - Sydney

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Darrin, May 10, 2004.

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  1. Darrin

    Darrin Guest

    I am looking for a small-scale PCB maker in and around Sydney for a few
    prototype boards? Any help appreciated.
  2. Well I was holding out on replying to this Post until I got some PCBs back

    Sesame Electronics ( ) Offer
    Prototyping services
    This is based on a panel size of 150*250 mm which will cost approx $100 for
    this you get the PCb etched and Drilled (appears to be by hand and they
    offer cheaper for undrilled boards) they have experimented in the past with
    various tinning techniques (unsuccessfully) but now just leave the resist on
    the PCB which can be cleaned off with Metho.

    I have just received 2 of their 'Fully Featured boards' which are single
    sided 150*110 mm these cost me $160 total and include : Drilling, Solder
    tinning, Overlay, Solder mask and I have to say they are a superb job.
    The prices for these boards in bulk drops quite steeply I asked for an idea
    of how much extra boards would have cost (At this stage my order was for
    Prototypes and to see what standard these PCBs were up to)
    10 extra would cost another $164
    20 extra would cost another $255
    50 extra would cost another $379

    Richard Freeman
  3. Bob Parker

    Bob Parker Guest

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